While Jeremy's true passion is designing and creating contemporary furniture out of old growth wood, he brings the same amount of gusto to architectual millwork,flooring,beadboard,wainscoting etc. From making a custom profile knife to cabinets and countertops, Recycled Cypress offers all the services you would expect from a large millshop. In addition to all facets of woodworking, Recycled Cypress does all its metal work and welding in house.


"Jeremy is a great custom furniture maker. He has made several pieces for me that are absolutely gorgeous and unique and it has been a great pleasure to work with him. Jeremy is sincerely interested in getting the customer exactly what they want and he is very, very good at it. He listens carefully and uses his experience and creative talent to get you where you want to go. Jeremy is set to make some more pieces for me and I can't wait. I feel considerably more comfortable and happy in my house because of the furniture Jeremy has made for me. {whether you have a lot to spend or a little} Jeremy will always look out for your interests.
Jeremy loves to work with reclaimed cypress and reclaimed longleaf pine. The stuff is fantastic for furniture. Its gorgeous and very stable. You get addicted to reclaimed cypress and longleaf really quickly and with good reason. Jeremy has tracked down a wide variety of beautiful reclaimed lumber. I get so much satisfaction knowing that I have found something thats going to look good forever and last forever. And thats because Jeremy has gone and hand selected the material. Reclaimed Cypress and Long Leaf are one of the things that make New Orleans, New Orleans. The wood conveys a strong sense of place. Still, the reason it makes me feel good is Jeremy's work is really beautiful and elegant. His furniture has a friendly feel about it that's hard to describe, that makes me glad to be home every night. I am certain you will get the same feeling!"  -  Colby Johnson


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