Our Business

All the wood used to make each piece of Recycled Cypress furniture has been hand salvaged. The discarded cypress and red pine has been pulled from dumpsters and off debris piles all over the metro area. All this material is taken from recently renovated, gutted or destroyed homes. This valuable, non-renewable, stable wood is spared from the landfill and reused in every piece of furniture. Once the wood is retrieved; it's de-nailed, planed and stacked for storage. Each board of this reclaimed wood dictates its design and how it will be used. When the wood is planed, it's true beauty is uncovered and a design idea is born. Each board is truly unique and filled with character.  It's Jeremy's eye for grouping and design that sets these pieces apart. Each piece is hand crafted with the highest standards and the best construction, and finished with quality hand rubbed varnishes. These pieces of true art will be cherished for generations.

Who We Are

Recycled Cypress is owned and operated by Jeremy Shatz. Jeremy's love of architecture and modern classics began as a young man. Son of an architect and raised in New England, he found his passion for woodworking and New Orleans architecture after his arrival in the Big Easy in 1989. An avid fan of all things New Orleans, he can't imagine living anywhere else. Hurricane Katrina may have flooded his Uptown home and destroyed his Mid-City shop, but has fueled his passion to preserve this great city's resources. He's been salvaging cypress and red pine for years. When not at the shop, Jeremy can be found rooting through dumpsters and digging in debris piles collecting more material.




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